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"Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these, ‘It might have been."

- John Greenleaf Whittier (Maud Muller - Pamphlet)

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"Airports see more sincere kisses than wedding halls. The walls of hospitals have heard more prayers than the walls of churches."


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"I didn’t like my name until you said it."


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harder said than done

The Good Vibe

For what it’s worth

For once, I can’t write a poem about what happened to you. I guess it just eats me away. Knowing that for months you don’t think you’re beautiful, you don’t think you matter, or you feel like you worth it, really makes me want that to change. Because you are beautiful. You have a smile that could brighten someone’s day. That smile is all someone needs to feel safe with you. Your eyes are so inviting that people could get lost staring at them because you make them look within themselves and find beauty. Could you imagine, not talking or seeing the people you regularly see every day and how important you are to their life because you matter. You are enough. You’re worth everything in this world. The only flaw you have is against yourself. You do all possible things to make people happy yet you don’t let others make you happy. I know that all you want to be called beautiful and hugged at day night, and one day you’ll find Mr. Right, I swear. It’s never easy, but moving on is the toughest thing and you just have to learn to let go. I don’t blame you though. Being in a perfect relationship that just crashes and you don’t know what the fucked happened and suddenly it’s ruined. All I can do and if you let me be your friend, I’ll be here to listen to you, and help you mend your broken heart. It’s hard to see someone so loving, so giggly, so optimistic and playful just change to sad and lonely. Stay strong and stay positive. The saying goes that when a door closes, another one opens. so be open to things. I know that you are fixated on a person because you just want to feel love and feel like enough but there are plenty of doors yet to be discovered. Don’t let a person stop you from living your life the way you want to. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to be hugged. You deserve to smile and fall in love. You matter, You’re worth it and you ARE beautiful!