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the flower of life
some day
i’ve been obsessing with gold lately..

"I don’t fear commitment. I fear wasting my time."

- #3 top fear

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T freaking FIOS is amazing. I also like benches. thanks for coming with me andipandiepi

By matialonsor

If it Were Different…

If we were in a different world, I would make it my life mission to take care of you even if you had no interest in me. I would show you a world where you feel important, beautiful, and always cared for. You would show me a different world I’ve never seen before. Had it been different, I would bug you everyday and made sure you were okay. I would take you out every Friday and random days so that you know what stability is like. I would show you true happiness and you would show it back to me with that big bright smile that is neither fake, out of pity, but a real smile that makes your cheeks blush and even hurt for smiling too hard. It would be my honor to help you deal with your problems whether it’s about home, school, or even yourself. I would make sure you never feel alone. The last thing I would do, if life played differently, I would thank you for everyday I’m with you because you are the kindest, the smartest, and the most beautiful person I’ve been lucky to have met.


Indigo Child by *LyricaRay


You are now entering the 4th dimension